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Portable Barricade Buddy

Portable Barricade Buddy

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Travel Safely with Barricade Buddy Embark on adventures confidently with Barricade Buddy by your side. Order today and enjoy $10 off AND FREE shipping.

Installing Barricade Buddy

For Apartments & Airbnb Stays In residential complexes and Airbnb accommodations, robust door security is paramount. Our premium locks serve as an effective shield against potential break-ins.

Robust & Reliable Barricade Buddy is your ultimate travel security companion. Crafted entirely from alloy metal, it stands resilient against forceful attempts.

Why Choose Barricade Buddy?

  • Unparalleled Strength & Durability
  • Enhanced Toughness
  • Compact & Mobile
  • Premium Alarm System

On-the-Go with Barricade Buddy Travel with confidence knowing Barricade Buddy is with you. Its compact design fits snugly in your suitcase, bag, or even your purse. There's no place Barricade Buddy can't go!

Peaceful Travels Embrace serenity with Barricade Buddy. Its solid alloy construction and formidable presence ensure you can focus on enjoying your journey. Let go of stress and embrace the moment!

Installing Barricade Buddy is Simple:

  1. Slide the door lock beneath the door.
  2. Rotate the screw clockwise.
  3. Adjust until it snugly fits the door.
  4. Test by giving the door a gentle tug.
  5. Sit back and unwind, your safety is ensured.
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